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Champion Uragan Best of Island IPO-1 ZTP 1A

Uragan is one of our Outstanding breeding Male Dobermans. Uragan's show career was filled with success in every country he was shown. He has earned his ZTP which is the German breeding evaluation with the highest scores in temperament, structure, health and working ability. He passes on his muscular and powerful frame to the Doberman puppies he sires. He has sired pups that are show winners, and very successful competitors in many dog sports. All of his Doberman puppies receive his outstanding temperament. He is available to stud to a very few special female Dobermans. He also competes with us in Schutzhund sport and enjoys tracking, obedience and protection. Click on his name for more pictures and videos of Champion Uragan Best of Island.


Glen Flashived BH SAR

"Zenny" as we call him, is an outstanding example of a European Dobermann male. He began his life as a full time family dog training very hard in Canine Search and rescue. He later moved on to learn competition obedience and sport style tracking. We introduced this powerful male Doberman to protection later on where he learned to guard his family. He is loved by all of those who meet him, and passes on great structure, color and temperament to the wonderful Doberman puppies he has sired. Many of his Doberman puppy offspring have gone on to compete themselves in protection, tracking, obedience, agility, flyball and other wonderful sports. You won't find a Doberman with better character than Zenny anywhere. Click on his name for more pictures of this outstanding European Male Doberman. He is available for stud service to a very few outside female Dobermans with complete health testing, great bloodlines and outstanding character.

Dobermans carrying on the European legacy can be found in Payson, UT
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