European Legacy Dobermans

Nobility, Strength, Beauty!!
European Legacy Dobermans
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You have any questions, please feel free to contact us by ph/fax 602-5413418 or by email at
If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from European Legacy Kennel, Please email us at

Please let us know your contact information, your preferences, if you had any experience with the dogs before, have you trained your previous dogs.

By purchasing a puppy from European Legacy Kennel you obtain the privilage to own a dog of the highest show and working qualities. We as a Kennel will provide you a life-long support in developing your dog to its fullest potential.

We do not recommend our dobermans to novice-owners. These dogs are highly intelligent and will take advantage of an inexperienced owner. We have implemented this Doberman Puppy Purchasing form to help us to assess your goals and to better match Doberman to Owner.

We are located in Phoenix, AZ, USA
ph. 602-7280555, 602-5413418